“Never underestimate the power…”

by Youth Ocean Advocates Abby S.

Humans cause destruction. We hear, see, and read different examples of the phrase—wars, climate change, terrorism–on the news, social media, in the papers, but our ability to build and fix is chronically underrepresented.  We provide humanitarian aid, reforest, and support affected families. For every terrible action a human commits, another counterbalances by doing good.  This applies to our reactions to our environment as well: pollution and warming temperatures devastate coral reefs, but scientists visit the Florida Keys to hand-grow coral themselves. Iceland’s government combats its vast deforestation by pressing local authorities to ensure 2% of the country is reforested by 2030. When red wolves met near extinction, the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium worked with other organizations to save the remaining wolves and reintroduce them to the wild.

Amidst the inhumanity portrayed through the media, it becomes too easy to forget the entire world isn’t constantly steeped in negativity. There are always ways to help the world socially and environmentally, especially since both are so closely intertwined. Coral reef restoration aids tourism, and even little things like avoiding palm oil and reducing meat consumption helps communities.  Never underestimate the power of positivity and small lifestyle changes; more people with a green outlook creates a healthier planet and world community that we need and want.

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