A Trip to the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit

by Sahayra B.



In November, I was invited to attend the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit in upstate New York to present about the Seattle Youth Climate Action Network and why climate change matters to us. Before the trip we met up a couple of times to work on our presentations; those meetings helped up realize just how much climate change truly meant to each one of us. We were about to travel all the way to upstate New York and it was all in the name of making a fight to change climate chaos. Traveling there went very smoothly and upon arrival we were taken to the Adirondack Museum and introduced to the wonderful group of youth and staff who made the summit possible. It was inspiring to see another group of teenagers who were just as motivated and dedicated to spreading awareness and making a difference. Once the Seattle Youth CAN and the youth from the Adirondack Youth Climate made acquaintances, we were given a tour of the wonderful museum. There were several exhibits which replicated a wild habitat very well, it was different and new. Shortly after we heading back to out motel to get some rest.


The summit was divided into two days, the first covered workshops and lectures, while the second had several more speakers and concluded the summit. On the first day we were served several eco friendly meals, the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit team made a real effort to making this as green as possible which was greatly appreciated by all of us. There were a total of 34 schools who attended the summit. it was an amazing group of people, which made this unique experience all that more awesome. Most were high school students but there were many of college students who took part in their own workshop. I was only able to participate in 3 workshops; however, there were a total of 15 awesome workshops which would have all been a pleasure to be part of. One workshop I really enjoyed was with an alternative energy rapper. This workshop really wrapped the youth into what we were learning and that was that making a difference is inspiring and motivating. Climate change is a problem the human race as a whole needs to fight but it doesn’t have to be depressing or boring. This is a movement that everyone needs to be part of in order to be successful.

On the last day Seattle Youth CAN presented on who were are, why climate change mattered to us, and what we needed to do to make a difference. From what we learned at our summit at the Woodland Park Zoo and what we had learned the day before at the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit we tried to focus on one message. We are far from a truly green energy source and we just can’t be fast enough to stop all of this because what we are emitting today into our delicate atmosphere won’t finish taking its toll for decades to come but change for the better starts now and all generations alive today need to work together to make a difference. We are all part of the problem as we are all part of the solution. This trip really helped me realize that there are youth all around the world trying to make a difference, we all want a better tomorrow, and a future we can be proud of.  When you are struggling with something remember there are hundreds if not thousands going through something similar. We are not alone in the constant battle for a healthier environment, every small effort helps.

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