How Will You Get There?

by Anna K.

You jump in the car, ready to drive to the beach to meet your friends, when you realize you are out of gas. “Oh no,” you think. “I’m stranded! I can’t get to the beach and I’ll never get to see my friends!” But have no fear, there are many other ways of getting around. In fact, using these other modes of transportation are not only very helpful but also better for the environment.

One way you could get some fresh air and exercise is by walking, biking or running. Learn to unicycle, pull out your old scooter, or skateboard. Grab a friend to join you and make it even more fun! These different transportation methods will keep you AND the world healthy and moving. Another way you can reduce your carbon footprint is by carpooling. Catch up with friends, and make a boring car ride fun! By carpooling you use half or less of the energy you would have used normally, and you also get to use the carpool lane!

But maybe the beach is very far from your house, and all your friends live too far away to carpool. Another way to get to where you need to go is by car services such as uber, car2go, a taxi, or a water taxi. In research from a few years back, Bruce Schaller, a former director of policy and the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, ran statistical models of cab activity in 118 U.S. cities and found three primary factors for taxi demand. Among them were the number of workers commuting by subway and the number of households that don’t own cars. Both factors support the idea of taxis as part of a wider public transport network. In this way, using car services helps you reduce the energy you use, as you are leaving your car at home and are more likely to use public transportation later on in the day. It also promotes not owning a car and only using car services, which saves you money on gas, parking, and car insurance.

However, sometimes if you taxis constantly, things can get a little pricey. Although usually the money you save on things such as car insurance pays off, there are cheaper ways to get places. You could take the city bus, subway, monorail, or any other method of public transportation. Public transportation households save an average of $6,251 every year—even more as the price of fuel rises.  Public transportation is not only great for the environment, but also helps with Seattle’s rapidly increasing traffic issues. If more people start using public transportation, traffic will start to clear up and transportation will become more efficient for everyone.

All of these alternative methods of transportation can take you to the beach, or on whatever adventures the day brings you. So bike to the grocery store, get exercise, breath fresh air! Leave your car at home and take an Uber to work. Better yet, take the city bus the work or the school bus to school. Save money, and save the world we live in.

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