Save Time, Money and the Environment with Drip Irrigation

by Evan S.

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is an alternative watering method in which a network of pipes and valves slowly drip water to plants keeping the soil surrounding the plant more moist then would be achieved through other methods such as sprinklers.

Why drip irrigation?

Sprinklers have a watering efficiency of anywhere between 50-70%. In comparison drip irrigation systems have a watering efficiency of well over 90%.

Drip irrigation saves water by watering only where the water is actually needed. This can not only cut down on your water bill but also inflict less damage on the environment.

If you have been hand watering your garden, switching to drip irrigation can save you a lot of time.

Tips and possible setbacks.

Should you set up a drip irrigation system, be careful not to set it to run too often as that will negate its water saving benefit. Watering frequency will vary by season and the duration of each watering will vary depending on the water flow rate of your emitter.

Drip irrigation systems don’t come cheap and can cost a couple hundred dollars at the minimum -more if you don’t install it yourself. Before you write it off your list though consider that it will consume less water than alternative watering techniques, therefor cutting down on your water bill and helping the environment.

If you choose to set up the system yourself it will take some dedication of your time to install although it shouldn’t be too difficult. If need be you can always hire someone to do the job.

How do I start?

Lots of information can be found about drip irrigation and how to set it up online, hopefully answering any questions that may come up.

Here is a tutorial of how to build a system:

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