Is the Deep Ocean Dead?

A long time ago, scientists and adventures including Socrates and Darwin stated that as we went deeper into the ocean, life would slowly cease to exist because of the colder waters and lack of light. In 1864, their theories would be questioned when a Sea Lilly was brought to the surface by a father son team. This sea creature, appearing like a prehistoric plant, brightly colored and delicate looking, sparked an interest in the deep sea. In 2014, another expedition was led into the Marian’s Trench, which revealed many new and intriguing animals such as the Stout black smelt, tripod fish and the lantern fish.

So how does living in the deep work? To survive in the deep, the actual cell structure of the animals and other life forms have adapted to have many unsaturated fats in their cell membranes which don’t freeze as easily. To account for the great amount of pressure, the fish have piezolytes in their cells, which help with processing the proteins in their cells as well as contributes to what we call a fishy smell. Meaning deep sea fish smell and taste fishier than shallow water fish. Along with fish, there are quite a few crustaceans and many micro-organisms that live in the deep ocean. To answer the question of the deep ocean being uninhabited, there may not be as much life as in shallower and warmer waters, but there are still plenty of life forms living in the deeper water, and many more that are probably undiscovered. To read more about this, check out this link:

By Emma E.

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