Whale you be Mine?

Around this time of the year, love is in the air – and in the ocean! The Random Acts of Kindness club at Atherton High School took initiative this Valentine’s season and partnered with a local women’s shelter. The students created marine-themed valentine’s day cards for the 600 women who reside there, taking advantage of classic puns like “whale you be mine”, “you are my RAY of sunshine”, and “you are shrimply beautiful”. These Valentines can bring a smile to any ocean lovers heart. At this time of year, nothing warms our hearts more than to see the love of the ocean and love between people creating these wonderful cards. Try expressing your love for the ocean this Valentine’s Day – take a romantic walk down a beach (and maybe pick up some pesky trash while you’re there!), stop by your local Aquarium and watch the beautiful fish and marine life as you spend some quality time with your loved ones. Maybe even think of some fishy puns yourself for your Valentine. Whatever you do, try and keep others and the ocean in your heart this Valentine’s Day!

Thank you Random Acts of Kindness for inspiring us to write some of our own cards below!

Valentines Day Cards

Cards created by Random Acts Of Kindness

Bella's Valentine Card

Card created by Bella from our campaign, PS: We Love You

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