Piper’s Creek Salmon

Piper’s Creek Salmon

Chum salmon return to Piper’s Creek from October to December and intrigue thousands of visitors that come to see them. However, few of these visitors know that these salmon are actually hatchery salmon from the Grover’s Creek hatchery in Suquamish on the other side of Puget Sound. No self-sustaining run of salmon has returned to the creek since 1927. This is due to the increase of development and logging in the area that ruined their suitable habitat.

There are many things we can do to help protect salmon habitat. For example, get your car washed at a professional carwash instead of washing it yourself on the street. It is also important to check that your car is not leaking oil. If you have pets, it is critical that you pick up after them. Doing these simple things ensures that the fewest number of contaminants runs into salmon streams, and will make a huge positive impact on salmon habitat.

By Logan B.

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