Salmon Poem, By Josiah L.

Passionate salmon lover and youth ocean advocate Josiah L graciously shares his poem about salmon with the campaign. Hope you all enjoy it!

“A scarlet torpedo, agile and spry,
A forest green face; a filter feeder: he is undoubtedly Sockeye.
He prefers not oceans, but lakes,
Waters of salt he shall flee,
a landlocked prisoner, Sockeye in origin, best describes the modest Kokanee.
His numbers increase while other salmon numbers shrink; a distended humback, oval tail spots, betray that of the Humpy, the humble pink.
Unrivaled in endurance, undeterred by any foe, no mortal man can withstand the silver spirit of the Coho.
He is labeled Calico, Keta by many, considered a dog by some, these names hint traits of none other but the Chum.
He is Blackmouth, Tyee, King, upon hearing his name the earth shoot, all of nature shall bow unquestioning to the iron will of Chinook.
The salmon sees no equal,
The salmon shall never fall.
The salmon is the worthiest fish,
The one to rule them all.”
By: Josiah L.
Categories Science

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