Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

“A protected ocean protects us. It’s my mission to help other students understand and love the place they may never get to see.” This quote is from Sean Russell, director of the Stow it, don’t throw it project. In 2011 Russell created the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit to raise awareness of conservation of our oceans. Middle and high school students can join together for this summit to learn about the marine environment, how to conserve it, and how to implement your own project to conserve the ocean.

Previous summits have been held at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida and at the National Marine Educators Conference in Annapolis, Maryland. This year, the Seattle aquarium has been given the honor to host a satellite summit on December 6, 2014. A team from the Youth Ocean Advocates program at the Seattle Aquarium have been working hard to put together speakers and workshops with the intent to teach other youth the importance of protecting the marine environment and how to lead action both locally and globally.

It is our turn to teach others to understand the marine environment. Here in Seattle, we are very fortunate to call the Puget Sound home. Our generation of youth can come together to ensure the Puget Sound remains a wonderful place to live.

If you want to be part of conserving the Puget Sound, register for the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit at

Published by Puget Sound: We Love You

Puget Sound: We Love You is aimed at inspiring teens to take action to protect the Sound by highlighting our shared love and ultimately our dependence on this body of water.

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