Audrey M.

Hi! My name is Audrey. I became a part of the Puget Sound We Love You Campaign because I have always been interested in the marine life in the Seattle area. I hope to help protect our local species by raising awareness about issues threatening them by working with the campaign. I started thinking about conservation of the Puget Sound growing up. Most summers I would go to my cabin on hood canal and notice things affecting marine animals and plants. There would be small groups of dead shore crabs floating on top of oil, or seagulls pecking at a piece of trash on the beach. This got me interested in what I could do to help prevent these problems from happening. I have always enjoyed activities on the sound like paddle boarding, swimming and kayaking. I am hoping that by helping raise awareness about pollution problems, our group will be able to help keep the sound’s ecosystem healthy for generations of people, plants and animals to come.

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