The Green Dorm Tricks

Heading off to college this fall and interested in having a green dorm room? Or maybe you’re already there and want some tips to make your room more fun and environmentally friendly? Well here are some things that any college student can do which will help our environment!

  1. Buy second-hand! Rather than furnishing your new room with new things, fill it with things that are new to you but won’t generate a bigger carbon footprint or waste more paper or plastic. Check out local second-hand stores for fun unique things that will make your dorm a fun place to hang out in!
  2. Become an energy expert! Stop the constant drain of energy from your room by unplugging unused electronics (including power cords!). For those larger appliances consider getting ones that are energy-efficient (Energy Star, etc.) that will do their job without wasting electricity. Make sure your room is light by compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and open your windows up to take advantage of as much natural lighting as possible!
  3. Go with the weather! If your dorm is lucky enough to have air-condition and heating rather than simply adjusting the thermostat to your comfort first try adding or removing a layer of clothes (for example – put on a comfy sweatshirt when its chilly rather than cranking up the heat).
  4. Green up your classes! Buy recycled paper notebooks and planners. If possible use online textbooks to save trees, and if not, use second-hand books or rent books to keep from more paper being wasted. Take advantage of the electronic age – print as little as possible, instead email documents!
  5. Lastly, some college essentials – A reusable water bottle – show some school spirit while avoiding wasting plastic in plastic water bottles, keep this in your backpack and wherever you go! A reusable coffee mug – when you find your new favorite coffee place on campus bring your own mug rather than wasting one, you can even decorate one with images from home! Bamboo utensils keep you from using plastic at take out restaurants and other local eateries, plus they are better for the environment than their plastic alternatives.

Get involved in your school’s green club, or start one! Help show your school and your peers that being green is easy and important!

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